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Tervis offers eight tumbler sizes, plus hundreds of customizable designs, emblems and accessory combinations. November 2014 Tervis Tumbler Coupon Code saves you 20% off purchase plus Free Shipping on all these cool tumblers. Tervis is the best customizable gift for under 25 dollars.  This is by far one of the best gifts to get anyone at any age. Its my favorite go to gift.  Tervis has added over 100 new designs. Check them out today!  

Deal of the Week!  20% Off Customized or Personalized Tumbler.  Its the beginning of Holiday Shopping Season and Tervis has over a 1,000 designs to choose from. Tervis Offers Black Friday Deals. Keep my site saved and look for future coupons that will help you save this Holiday Season. Buy someone a Tervis Tumbler, they make great gifts.

Tervis Water Bottles make a Great Back To School gifts, get a beautiful Customized Water Bottle or Wavy Design Cup. Tervis Offers every College Team, High School Team, Pro Sports team available, these tumblers make great Christmas gifts for your sports enthusiast . Watch for Tervis 25% off and Black Friday Deal this month. 

Unfortunately the 25% coupon is not available this month, but grab this great     20% Off Offer on all Custom or Personalized Tumblers.

Tervis Coupons

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These insulated tumblers can be made to be very unique and personal  or  impersonable. There are over a thousand design options to choose from and if you don’t see a design thats right for you or that special occasion, you can upload your own design or picture to create that “just right” gift for your special someone. For mothers day I sent my mom a 24oz tumbler with my entire family picture on it and one with a picture of her favorite place, the beach. She absolutely loved it. The best part of the gift was saving myself some money by using  a Tervis Coupon when I ordered her gifts online.

Tervis Tumbler is a great gift option for your sports enthusiast special someone. Play Off season is here, order your tumbler sporting your favorite team or team player, celebrate the Playoffs with a Tervis Tumbler. These plastic insulated tumblers make the best water bottle.

Tervis Coupon Code 25% Off Tervis Tumbler Coupon

Maybe you have a friend who collects anything with Snoopy or Peanuts characters. Tervis offers special collector tumblers through out the year. Don’t wait to buy these Special Edition collector insulated tumblers, there only available for a limited time.

Tervis Coupon Tervis coupon code free shipping

Another great way to celebrate dad on Fathers Day, get him a Tervis tumbler  sporting his favorite team or upload a picture of one of his favorite memories.  Your gift will  be a hit with dad. And don’t forget to use my Tervis Coupon Code to save you money!

 Tervis 25% Off Tervis 15% Off Tervis 10% Off Tervis Free shipping Tervis Customizable cups

So what makes the Tervis Tumbler so spectacular, after all its just a cup? Not really! Its a genuine and innovated, made in the USA product. In fact its been around since 1947.  Tervis Tumbler is reusable and BPA free, it keeps your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot. No need for coasters, the tumbler has been designed to reduce condensation. Best part about Tervis is their 100% lifetime guarantee on all their tumblers.

Let me share with you why I like Tervis. I have my own little collection of tumblers in every size and in many different designs, it’s practically the only cup I use anymore. In the morning I use my tumbler to drink my hot coffee out of it. Best part my coffee stays hot and my hands stay cool. It’s awesome! When I finish my coffee I rinse it out and use it to drink my ice water. The tumbler makes a great office cup, because it doesn’t sweat on my desk, so no more wet papers or puddles of water on my desk. Tervis twin wall thermal insulated design is ingenious. Did I mention that I have a dozen tumblers to choose from, I love being able to choose a tumbler that fits my mood. Monday I go with the beach design because that’s where I would like to be and by Friday I usually pick up the cup sporting a more sentimental design. A picture I uploaded of my friends and me during my collage days. That’s what I love about Tervis, not only are their cups ingenious in structure, but also the freedom to choose from thousands of different designs. Lets not forget that added bonus of allowing you to get creative and customize your own one of the kind designed cup.

Tervis Coupon Code 10% Off Tervis Coupon Code 15% Off

Tervis makes a great tumbler, and these are the reasons why I think it makes a great gift

1)  It’s nostalgic, whomever you give it to will recognize it and appreciate that you bought them a Tervis Tumbler.

2) The tumblers are practical, they have been engineered to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot.

3) They are durable, these tumblers can take a beating.

4) Best part Tervis Tumblers are 100% guaranteed for life. Tervis will replace your tumbler at no charge, all you have to pay for is the shipping to get your  broke tumbler back to them. They take care of the rest. Awesome!

Tervis quality

A little story to share, with so many Tervis Tumblers I can misplace one or two. I thought I forever lost one of my favorite tumblers that I had personally designed, to only find it 3 months later in the garage. I must have left some coffee in it or what use to be coffee. I washed it out well, but for gross factors I decided that I wasn’t going to ever drink from it again.  I went online to Tervis website and printed out a replacement tumbler return form. I placed that form and my tumbler in a box and shipped it back to them. By the next week I received a new tumbler sporting my original personalized design on it.  Very cool!  Thank you Tervis.

Tervis cup makes a great gift

The makers of Tervis Tumblers have thought of it all, they designed a website that’s super easy to use. They make designing your cup fun, with three easy steps. Shipping a Tervis Tumbler is easy and quick. Customer service is personable, friendly, and efficient. Plus they have a live online chat button that will connect you to a live person. Tervis has a care and use page, it has a lot of useful information for keeping your tumbler looking good.

Tervis Recipes

Under the community tab they list recipes and alternative uses for their tumblers.  My friend looked up some ideas and took their advice and made a cup for their child’s teacher for end of the year present and put chocolates in the tumbler, it was a hit. I had my daughters last birthday at Pizza Hut and we used the cups as party favors and put the children’s dessert in them, when they finished eating their deserts the kids got to take their awesome new gifts home. We then took pictures of the kids with Instagram enjoying their new Tervis tumbler. Tervis loves seeing people enjoying their well engineered insulated tumblers and will post your instagram pictures on their website. Tervis has created a new blog spot where you can share and enjoy recipes, tips, crafts, music and more. Tervis makes drinking out of a cup fun. 

Tervis Blog

Thank you for reading my review of Tervis Tumblers. Also, as an added bonus for visiting my site  I am offering a Coupon Code on this page, just click on it to use it, it’s that easy. When you click on my Coupons you will be taken to the Tervis web site. Apply the Tervis Tumbler Coupon Code at time of checkout to receive discount.  It’s that easy to give a great gift and save some money too. Be sure to check out my other great reviews of other great distinct personal gifts.


By Kara Waters

FYI..For more Information on Tervis including its history Check Out Tervis on Wikipedia