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January 2015 Jacob Bromwell Coupon save 10% Off

Get Jacob Bromwell Coupon to save 10% off your entire purchase plus Free Shipping. Jacob Bromwell is America’s oldest housewares company. Jacob Bromwell offers timeless products that are hand-built for generations of dependable use. In a small factory in Indiana beautiful American Made products such as the nostalgic Copper Flask, Popcorn Popper, Wonder Shredder, Chestnut Roaster, Heritage cookie sheet, Gourmet Food Processor, and Old West Copper Shot Glasses are made. Jacob Bromwell is a man with a passion and an eye for unique details creating American made products from old fashioned metalworking techniques.

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When you buy from Jacob Bromwell your purchasing American history that will stand out for generations to come. Jacob Bromwell stands behind his unconditional Lifetime Guarantee. He states that “twenty-five years from now, you’ll still be using our quality products in your home and your grandchildren will be able to count on our Lifetime Guarantee.”

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I absolutely love, Jacob Bromwell’s house ware products. My favorite is his Signature Chestnut Roaster. It comes in stainless steel and I recommend ordering the Chestnut Knife and choose the option for it to come in a Prestige Gift box, to get  the complete package and nostalgia look. Another great cookware that would get used everyday is Jacob Bromwell’s Popcorn Popper. Its absolutely the best campfire cookware to have, even if you don’t camp! Popcorn popped fresh over the fire tastes absolutely delicious. When ordering, choose the option to order the stainless steal popcorn bowl, it has so many other uses besides holding enormous amounts of popcorn. You wont be disappointed with Jacob Bromwell 100% made in the USA cookware!


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Since every product is hand made using metalworking techniques, supplies are limited, so if you see something you like, dont hesitate to buy it. Next time you look, it might be gone. This is especially true for their Limited Edition Products. 

Jacob Bromwell website is easy to navigate and their customer service is excellent! There’s not one bad review posted about their products. Everybody loves Jacob Bromwells made in the USA kitchenware and so do I!

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Whether cooking over a campfire or stovetop, Jacob Bromwell’s traditional cookware will fill the air with a mixture of wholesome food and nostalgia. Jacob Bromwell products is a great way to connect with our past, handcrafted by hand from stainless steel, copper or forged iron, these products are great for those who enjoy thinking about the old fashioned way of living. 

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If you like cooking with cast iron then you’ll love Jacob Bromwell’s Frontier Frying Pan. Its made from forged iron. Forged iron is stronger than cast iron. Forged iron wont break like cast iron, if dropped. I love cooking my morning breakfest on these frying pans. Forged iron skilled requires soap once in its lifetime; when its brand new, before you season it. Seasoning process is a must to protect the pan from rust and it also creates a nonstick surface. Instructions on how to season pan comes with the product.

To make sure Jacob Bromwell’s products last for generations, never wash any of the Jacob Bromwell’s products in the dishwasher. Please wash with soap by hand. Also, you can use a steel wool pad to remove rust spots. 

Jacob Bromwell cookware is for the nostalgic adventurous chef. Jacob Bromwell is known for highest quality cooking, baking, and food preparation products since 1819 and that’s what I love most about cooking with Jacob Bromwell’s cookware. I think Jacob Bromwell’s made in the USA cookware makes wonderful gifts, cause your not only giving the person you care about  a piece of American Made cookware, your helping to create memories that will last. Buy American today. Youll be glad you did!

By Kara Waters